Fee Schedule Effective Date: 9/1/2014
Item Fee
Account Activity Printout (per page) $1.00
Account Closing within 90 days $25.00
Account Research (per hour) $20.00
Bank Check $5.00
Debit Card Replacement $10.00
Excess Money Market/Savings Transactions (per item) $5.00
Inactive/Dormant Account Fee* – Checking and Money Market Accounts (per month) $5.00
Inactive/Dormant Account Fee* – Savings Accounts (per quarter) $15.00
NSF (Insufficient Funds) Fee – by check, withdrawal, withdrawal or other electronic means $20.00
Daily Overdraft Fee (after 5 business days) $5.00
Return Deposited Item Fee $10.00
Stop Payment Fee $15.00
Sweep Fee (per day) $5.00
Wire Transfer – Incoming Domestic
Wire Transfer – Outgoing Domestic $20.00
* Inactive/Dormant Account Fee applies after 12 months of no activity.

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